Circle of Life Plant Rentals

Our services,

  • Professional design, installation, and maintenance.

  • Commercial and residential, interior and exterior container plants and flowers.

  • Weekly fresh and silk floral arrangements.

  •  Interior trees, palms and assorted greenery in seasonal and decorative pots

  • Seasonal planting. 

  • Weekly waters and maintenance.  

Seven reason to have plants in the work place,

  1. They Help reduce stress.

  2. Helps increase productivity by pumping oxygen into the air. 

  3. Reduces sickness and absence- also is known to help reduce depreciation and anger

  4. Makes the work space more attractive to job applicants, employees and guests.

  5. They help filter the air.

  6. Help reduces noise levels.

  7. Boosts Creative thinking.

Get in Touch

14 Vine street, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 /  Tel. (843) 837-6602

Let us come by and fit your space for the right plants. We sale and lease plants of all shapes and sizes to fill your room with life!

At a monthly rate, we'll have our wonderful staff stop by and maintain your plants once a week, or every two weeks depending on your needs.

Call us today!

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