Things to know about wedding flowers.

When should I call the florist?

Its recommended to contact your chosen florist no later then (6) months before you say "I DO". 

If you are planning your wedding in the prime wedding season. We recommend contacting us as soon as you have a date!



You don't need to have a set budge when contacting your florist for the first time. 


We are here to help you!  

Picking flowers

Remember this is your day! The flowers you pick should be a reflection of your personality. These flowers will be with you in both photos and memories for the rest of your life. From the centerpieces on your guest tables to the bouquet your hold as you walk down to your forever. 

We recommend taking the time and browsing Pinterest, magazines, and/or your mothers wedding planner. 

What is a consultation?

Its a fancy way of us saying we want to talk to you and go over your ideas! A consultation can a as simple as a phone call or as fun as you coming to our shop and meeting our team and seeing what we have in stock that week! 


After browsing pinterest and your friends friend's facebook page. You have a list of your favorite flowers and a folder full of random ideas. That is the best time to set up a meeting to look over those ideas, venues, flowers, and start helping you make a budget. 

What is a Proposal?

A proposal is an estimate. After looking over all you ideas and talking to our designers. We put together a proposal reflecting your ideas. This will have line idem pricing included.


Do know that the proposal can be changed up to 30 days before your wedding! 


Contracts and Deposits!

To save your day with your chosen florist you will need to do two things to ensure you get them on your day!


1) You will need to sign a contract that goes over the fine print of our services, cancellations, acts of got, etc.

2) Pay the $250.00 deposit. This deposit is non refundable. 


Your wedding will not be put on our calendar until both of those have been received   

Who pays for the florist?

As sad as this sounds traditions on who buys what has in the wedding flower world. With the changing time many brides are buy their own flowers or the happy couple our splitting the costs. Below is the most common,

  • The Bride: Floral for the Ceremony, Reception, bridesmaids.

  • The Groom: Bridal Bouquets, Mothers and grandmothers floral. Boutonnieres for his Best man, Ushers and Fathers 

Who gets what!?

  • Mother: A corsage to match the brides Bouquet

  • Grandmother: A boutonniere to match the brides bouquet

  • Fathers: A boutonniere to match the groom.

  • Grandfathers: A boutonniere to match the fathers.

  • Junior Groomsman: A boutonniere to match the grooms. 

  • Ushers: Smaller version of the fathers

  • Flower Girls (under 6): flower Halo/head band.

  • Flower Girls (over 6): Flower hair pins and basket of peddles.

  • Ring Bearer: A tiny version of the grooms boutonniere. 

  • Officiant: A boutonniere made of the wedding floral.

  • Train Bearer: A boutonniere to match the wedding floral.

  • Dogs: Collar of wedding floral


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